Fennec Watch

Stay connected with your loved ones

With messaging and video/phone calling features, this smartwatch helped my daughter gain greater independence while building a sense of safety and security for me.

Brain Meehan
Technician and educator

My friends think Fennec Watch is really cool. They like how it looks and they like the watch faces. All of them are asking me where to get one. It makes time fun. And it's definitely better than a normal watch.

Elena Meehan
10 years old

My daughter's grandmother lives in another country and it's difficult for my daughter to talk to her regularly. Now my daughter has a Fennec watch. It helps them keep in touch daily with short messages or video calls. Before, they communicated only few times a month. It helps the family communicate much better than we did before.

Gabriel Matus
Entrepreneur / Process engineering

My friends think the Fennec watch is very cool. I like the music feature the most. I use it to play music while I'm doing homework. And it helps me tell Grandma about what I’m doing.

Bodhi Matus
8 years old